Semantic Versioning – Cool Concept, buuuut…

What is it? If you are a software developer, you may have heard of Semantic Versioning, as outlined here: What this is, is a set of rules for versioning stuff with public APIs (usually library components) in order to minimise Dependency Hell. Dependency Hell is something rather common that you encounter with package managers, where libraries that depende upon…

My early new year’s resolution…

… is 3840×2160 . I  used to have 3 monitors side by side and then decided that it really wasn’t comfortable despite the love I had for the real estate they offered.   After researching a bit on 4K a few months ago, I decided that they were too expensive to seriously consider; a thought that crossed my mind quite…

Carbon Fibre picks

I am a person that buys a lot of picks and I mean A LOT. I must have about 100 picks by now, of different shapes, materials and thicknesses and yet I could never be satisfied with one.   Most rock/metal guitarists would swear by Dunlop’s Jazz picks, though I could never get into them personally. I still use them…

Between a rock and a hard place

[warning: I have no idea what I’m talking about! Proceed at your own risk] The Big Bang I feel kinda depressed and am quite certain that my reasons are primarily ontological and only a small part of it personal. Those reasons appear to revolve around humanity’s primitive instincts and technology: my closest friend; my greatest rival. Allow me to elaborate…

My new place

I’m using this title metaphorically, since I just changed the theme here and the subtitle. I am a person that loves change, but at the same time hate change for change’s sake. So, that’s that. Congratulations to the theme’s creator – excellent job.  

A tale of two phones

A few months ago, just before the summer if memory serves, I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S4. It has been an almost complete disappointment; overheating, plasticky, filled to the brim with crapware and rather small if you could ever believe it.

I sold the S4 a couple of months ago and in its place I bought another Samsung. A €20 dumbphone that doesn’t even have a USB cable. It couldn’t even get the time from the networks; not even having a standard USB port. But it had a Bejeweled clone (and the sad fact is that the time I spent with the phone was spent mostly in that game) and a battery that easily lasts a week and more, and finally, it has an excellent reception and voice reproduction.

Revisiting NDepend.

A few months ago I posted a review of NDepend, a nifty little tool that allows you to visualise your projects’ dependencies and spot potential issues. Version 5 is out and thought to take it out for a spin. I want to focus on the differences with the previous version and as such I won’t get into the same level of detail as with my original article.


One of the interesting new features is support for Visual Studio 2013 (RC). I like messing around with prerelease software and finding tools that can work with can be tough. I mostly use VS2012 for the present though, due to the number of 2010 & 2012 projects that I need to support. Ndepend features quite a lot of UI improvements and a general hint of inspiration from Visual Studio 2012; that much is evident in the whole application.


Go to hell. Go to hell, you and your unreliable upgrades and password resets. Call me back when creating a new database user does not kill the goddamn server. Oh, if only all the popular applications and WordPress supported PostGres or MSSQL; I’d uninstall you from our servers in a heartbeat. But no no no, you’ve managed to entrench yourself…

Fixing a cheap guitar – Marble effect

Well, I rarely ever find the need to write about anything, since, unless I do find anything that’s not already on the web (or at least it being hard to find) I usually don’t bother; secondly, while I’d like this blog to be mostly focused on software engineering, I couldn’t really specialise my personal blog to end up containg only…

Holy Tonewood

I have a problem with unsubstantiated claims that are based on “personal experience”, belief or statements “simple and/or obvious knowledge” which are in turn non-provable in the lab. This especially applies to musicians who seem to find all kinds of differences and using “experience” in order to convince everyone else about what’s the proper way to do things.

Οι Αυθαίρετοι

Πριν από 23-24 χρόνια όταν ξεκίνησε η ιδιωτική τηλεόραση στην Ελλάδα, ένα από τα πρώτα ιδιωτικά κανάλια πρόβαλλε μία ανατρεπτική για τα δεδομένα τηλεοπτική σειρά. Τους Αυθαίρετους. Οι Αυθαίρετοι λοιπόν ήταν μια σειρά με έναν πολύ απλό θέμα: Είναι δύο οικογένειες, του Αντρέα Χατζηγιώργη και του Κώστα Χατζηγιώργη (ουδεμία συγγένεια) οι οποίοι ζούνε στην ίδια πολυκατοικία και μισιούνται θανάσιμα.

The 4 Laws of Modern Mobile Games

There’s something about those iDevices (with Android ones following soon after) that signified a colossal change in how we used to deal with our phones: Embedded marketplaces. A simple comparison between a, let’s say, a Windows Mobile 5/6 application and an iPhone one reveals the effect that the Marketplace had, not only in the distribution of said app(lication), but on…

Orwell was right after all. But Huxley was no more wrong.

Have a look at this:
This is the report of a group of people with the pompous name of “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” in which they post such gems as […]
In other words, legalise and mandate installation of malware & spyware crap on everyone’s computer. Because who would dare complain, right? Also: […]
In other words, if you are an individual you are a threat. If you are a company you are merely a nuisance, because companies have the right to privacy (trade secrets) whereas an individual is the scum of the earth.

Eurovision 2013

My feelings about eurovision are mixed. On one hand I always have the hope that will act as a means to unify people through the universal language of music (even if limited to european and neighbouring countries). On the other hand one needs to have a listen of the quality of the majority of participating songs and the comments on…